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This site is not about me, Robin Knowles, it’s about some of the written works I’ve created. There are a few pictures of me here, but this isn’t a Facebook page.

I like to tell stories. I write to entertain, often just to entertain myself. I’d be delighted to entertain you, if you’re so inclined. A few samples of the nearly two-hundred short stories that I’ve written are provided below. There are also brief descriptions of three novels of mine. One is currently in print. I’d prefer that you buy it, but possibly a friend will lend you their copy.

My novels:
Death of Rapunzel - published by JimSam Inc, 2008,
336 pages.

Carnivores - currently being edited
Stolen Swords - work in progress

Death of Rapunzel

One reviewer says, “When I first saw the title Death of Rapunzel I thought "fairytale." It must be a fairytale. But it sounds like Rapunzel dies in this story. What sort of a fairytale ending is that? Now I've read that Grimm's fairytales were often very gruesome and we here in America have "toned them down" for a much gentler read. Please know that Death of Rapunzel has not been toned down! It is a definite page turner with both sexually explicit details and a level of violence that also goes into an "R" rating. Robin Knowles has done an excellent job of interweaving his characters as well as letting his readers see into the world of sailing, horse-training, and crime. He uses a chess game analogy and the reader gets to see the movement of the pieces from different points of view. This book pulled me in and kept me reading wanting to discover how things would work out for the characters. Remember that fairytale ending? You might just be surprised.”



On a cool February morning, a migrant worker is grossly maimed for life while spraying tomatoes in a field just south of Tampa. The worker is at fault. His boss is at fault. The farmer is at fault. The manufacturer of the sprayer is not, yet a zealous attorney sues the manufacturer on the worker’s behalf. A dishonest disloyal employee, pitted against a good hearted rougish loyal employee and a enthusiastic young attorney bring this to an interesting end.


Stolen Swords

In the jungles of Burma, before the end of WWII, an American Army Air Corps aviator in a moment of anger exacts just revenge on a Japanese prisoner – a high ranking General. The American comes home with war trophies – some are the dead General’s possessions. Sixty years later – old, occasionally confused, and as feisty as ever, he meets a young former Marine aviator who’s become an insurance investigator. The WWII vet asks the insurance investigator to do a favor for him. As the investigator begins his research, he finds that the trophies relate to war crimes and biological warfare. As he nears completion of his research, an obsessed, nearly insane local doctor discovers the same sixty year old secret. The doctor decides that he’s bound to complete the mission of the dead Japanese General – to cleanse the word’s population of non-Asian humans so that Japan can become the empire it attempted to create sixty years ago.

The ensuing chase goes through a series of twists and events that surprises everyone.


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